Sunday, December 9, 2012

Stale economy equals more cruises

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Any way, as I was reading articles on some cruises, I noticed most reporters think that the growing economy is responsible for the huge growth in cruises in 2012. I say it is the stale economy that is having a positive effect on the every growing cruise segment of our business. Thats right, in most cases, when one of our agents find good deals for our clients, it is actually cheaper than staying home for the week, (especially if you include the weekends).
Port Everglades reported record growth about 3.5 million passengers in 2012.
Only Port of Miami is larger than Port Everglades, so Port of Miami is the number one cruise port in the world and Port everglades is number two and closing.
I think if Port Everglades could get a good boost on the 1 day to the Bahamas cruise thingy going, that would make them number one in the world.
a) The new kid on the block as far as cruises go, and
b) Had a record 350, 000. passengers, (give or take some large European families), leave on the one and only cruise ship, the only regularly scheduled 2 night cruise, out of Palm Beach, (for now)

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