Wednesday, June 12, 2013

It will cost you more to stay home, than to cruise with us

People take advantage of the Fall cruising season because of the
  a) Lower prices. (We try prices between $99 and $129 per person ofr the 2 nights)
  b) Fewer cruisers on board and
  c) Warm balmy tropical weather
probably in that order.

In the Caribbean, don't forget the Hurricane season. The season officially started on
June 1, 2013 and will end on November 30, 2013.
The cruise ships will change coarse and ports just to avoid the storms. If you are in the Bahamas during one of the storms
be prepared to stay the night or nights at your cost. The hotels rarely if ever lend a hand in these cases.

Why are there less cruisers, you ask. School aged children are back to school during this season, so the parents of these students are land locked.
Another reason is the Hurricane season. The fear of being caught in a storm is not the adventure some of them want, (I, on the other hand, do like the sense of adventure).

Some of our 2 night cruises can help with the, "Land locked family syndrome", because at certain times of the month, The ship sets sail on a Friday and gets home by Sunday.
This is perfect to be able to get your entire family back to school and work on Monday morning.

Also, the 2 night cruise lines may run specials for Senior citizens and Honeymooners, (those segments not effected by the, "Land locked family syndrome").
Our agents will keep watchful eyes out for thses special and let you know.

“It will cost you more to stay home, than to cruise with us.”
Shut your house down and leave the cooking up to the ships cooks and kitchens.
Call 954-969-0069 or 888-969-0069

“it will cost you more to stay home, than to cruise with us.” copyright 2009-2013

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