Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Awesome views from Port Everglades cruise port

Up close and WOW. Seeing the ships leave from the North side of the inlet at Fort Lauderdale Cruise Port, was an awesome experience. The ships seem larger that life. I have been inside many a ship, but for some reason the viewpoint I had on Sunday January 27, 2013, took my breath away, dropped my jaw. All the people in the condos behind me get to see that every weekend and they seem to be as enthused as I was.

The condo dwellers would blow their fog horns, yell, clap and hang their country's flag out onto their balconies, as the big cruise ships would leave for their tropical Islands in the sun.
Wow, that was a long sentence.
...Anyway, I will be going back to Port Everglades inlet and getting better at this video taking thing.
I am also going to get all the information on each of the ships and pass that along to you right here.
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