Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Awesome views from Port Everglades cruise port

Up close and WOW. Seeing the ships leave from the North side of the inlet at Fort Lauderdale Cruise Port, was an awesome experience. The ships seem larger that life. I have been inside many a ship, but for some reason the viewpoint I had on Sunday January 27, 2013, took my breath away, dropped my jaw. All the people in the condos behind me get to see that every weekend and they seem to be as enthused as I was.

The condo dwellers would blow their fog horns, yell, clap and hang their country's flag out onto their balconies, as the big cruise ships would leave for their tropical Islands in the sun.
Wow, that was a long sentence.
...Anyway, I will be going back to Port Everglades inlet and getting better at this video taking thing.
I am also going to get all the information on each of the ships and pass that along to you right here.
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Monday, January 21, 2013

Video of Bahamas cruises

I put this together with Picasa web. I hope you like it enough to come on a cruise with me.

A 2 night or 3 night cruise is the fastest growing cruise segment in the United States.
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Friday, January 18, 2013

Friday, January 11, 2013

Port Canaveral Cruise Port Florida

I will put some quick and helpful information about Port Canaveral for you right here, right now.

  1. Directions to Port Canaveral
    If You're Driving From the Airport...
    Port Canaveral Google Map click here

    From Orlando International Airport (MCO)
    This airport is approximately 45 minutes west of Port Canaveral. Take the North Exit from the Airport, staying to the right, to S.R. 528 (Beachline Expressway) East. Take S.R. 528 directly to Port Canaveral.

    From Melbourne International Airport (MLB)
    Melbourne International Airport (MLB) is located approximately 25 miles (40 minutes) south of Port Canaveral. Exit east (left) out of the airport onto NASA Blvd. and follow to U.S. Highway 1. Turn left (north) onto U.S Highway 1. Travel approximately 20 minutes on U.S. Highway 1 past the intersection of S.R. 520 in Cocoa about one mile to the S.R. 528 exit. Exit and travel east on S.R. 528 (BeachLine Expressway) for approximately 10 miles, crossing the Indian River, Merritt Island and the Banana River to reach Port Canaveral.

    From Orlando Sanford International Airport (SFB)
    The airport is approximately 1 hour northwest of Port Canaveral. Exit the airport south to the Central Florida Greenway (Toll Road 417). Go south 23 miles to S.R. 528's (the Beachline Expressway) eastbound exit. Go east (37 miles) to the Port.

    From Space Coast Regional Airport (TIX)
    This airport is located about 20 minutes from the Port in Titusville FL. Exit and drive east for three blocks; turn south onto U.S. Highway 1 to the Beachline Expressway (S.R. 528) and follow this east to the Port.

    From Daytona Beach International Airport (DAB)
    Daytona Beach International Airport is about 75 miles north of Port Canaveral. Take I-95 south to S.R. 528 East (Beachline Expressway) and follow to the Port.

    From the area of Fort Lauderdale or Miami
    Take I-95 south to S.R. 528 East (Beachline Expressway) and follow to the Port.
  2. The Port Canaveral Cruise lines are,
    a) Carnival Cruise Line, with, Carnival Dream, Carnival Ecstasy, Carnival Sensation.
    b) Disney Cruise Line, with, Disney Dream, Disney Fantasy, Disney Magic.
    c) Royal Caribbean Cruise Line, Freedom of the Seas, Monarch of the Seas, Enchantment of the Seas.
    d) Victory Casino cruise
  3. Terminals
    A Side (North) Cruise Terminals
    Cruise Terminals 5, 6, 8 and 10 are located on the A (North) side of the Port, off of State Road 401.
    B Side (South) Cruise Terminals.
    Terminals 2, 3 & 4 are dome-shaped structures located on the B (south) side of the Port at the east end of George King Boulevard.
  4. Parking
    *Rates are subject to change without notice.
    DISABLED PARKING spaces are available and the fee is waived for vehicles that have special equipment, such as ramps, lifts, foot or hand controls; or display the Florida Toll Exemption permit. Call 800-983-2435, extension 2 to apply for an exemption form. Contact the Canaveral Port Authority at 321-783-7831 for the latest information.

    Whether you park in one of our terminal lots or parking garages, the rate* for the following cruises are:
    *3-day, $60
    *4-day, $75
    *5-day, $90
    *7-day, $120
    for vehicles up to 20 feet in length.
    For vehicles longer than 20 feet, the rates are
    *$104, $130, $156 and $208 respectively.
  5. Contact Port Canaveral
    For Cruise information and pricing call toll free 1-888-969-0069
    for all other information call
    Canaveral Port Authority
    445 Challenger Road, Suite 301
    Cape Canaveral, FL 32920
    Phone: (321) 783.7831
    Fax: (321) 83.4651
I hope this Helps. If you need an experienced Agent call Wally at 954-969-4907

Cruise season is in full swing. Full Steam Ahead.

Here in Florida, the cruises ships are leaving from every port, all 5 Florida cruise ports, (click here, to see the cruise ports of the world blog I wrote last year), in record numbers. I know why, first of all, it is getting cold up north in the good old USA and in Europe too. The South and Central Americans are coming simply to see all the action and shop, shop, shop, buy, buy, buy.

Not all visitors start their Florida vacations as cruisers, but while here, in South Florida, they might use a, 2 night cruise fill in, as a small part of their vacation. Even though most of the vacationers have their non cruise vacations planed by the time they get to Florida, they get caught up in the cruise frenzy and find a great fill in 2 night Bahamas cruise. (I hope, by now, you know we offer those cruises, so call any of our agents for your 2 night cruise. 954-969-0069).

So, do your part for the economy and, spend some of your hard earned money on the relaxation you need by shopping in the malls, and cruising the Caribbean. Bon Voyage, I will see you on the ship.

By the way, there are still a few steam ships cruising.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Ok, now that we got that out of the way.

What I mean is, now we can move on to bigger and brighter things. Get all that we need out of the lessons we learned and the travels we made and the hearts we healed.

Find new travels, New hearts to heal, and lessons to learn.

Look at me, I am learning about blogging and video posting and so much SEO stuff just to get  on Google and other search engines so our Partner Agents can give you the best service available in the business for 2 day cruises around the world..

My goal for 2013 is to go on 5, 2 day cruises and take about 30 of my readers with me. Remember though, I will need at least one other person to help me with that.

Another goal of mine is, to get training classes on sales and customer service, so when one of our clients calls  us for a mini getaway vacation, they feel like they are on vacation while speaking to one of our partner agents. I like that idea, a phone call, feeling like the start of a vacation.

Well, I'm out, see you at sea in 2013.