Thursday, December 27, 2012

Carnival Imagination 4 night Mexico cruise

Well, it is almost 5 am where I am, that's 1 55 am EST.
I am excited to be invited on my first cruise of 2013. Wait, I put that wrong, I am excited to have my first invitation to a cruise. This cruise is in November 2013, and is being put together by one of our Partners +Rachel Horton and her sister +Mrs Williams. It is a short enough cruise, (actually, twice as long as our name sake), that I felt I could mention it here.
It leaves from Port of Miami, Florida
November 18, 2013 at 5:00 pm until November 22, 2013 at 9:00 am
I am taking an excerpt from Rachel's social media page, (one that is not Google Plus).

Carnival Imagination

How much fun can you have aboard the Carnival Imagination? More than you can imagine, including: a 9-hole mini golf course, Carnival Water Works water park, a tropical resort-style pool and Serenity-Adult only Retreat.
Get hold of Rachel, by writing her at the Google Plus thingy, or just call her 954-969-0069 ext 7003

Ok, That's all. I have to get to doing some more site repair so you guys can find me. Also going to try some things I learned in a video by +Jake Steingart

Friday, December 21, 2012

Cruise Ports of the World

I will give you the choice of where to take your dream cruise from. I will list all the Cruise Ports of the World, then you decide where and when.
There are 27 countries boasting Cruise Ports. United States Has the most cruise ports with 22 of them all over the country.
Here we go.

  1. United States
    a) Alabama
    Port of Mobile
    b) California
    Port of Long beach
    Port of Los Angeles
    Port of San Diego
    Port of San Francisco
    c) Florida
    Port Canaveral
    Port of Jacksonville
    Port of Palm Beach
    Port of Miami
    Port Everglades
    Tampa Port Authority
    d) Hawaii
    Honolulu Harbor, Oahu
    e) Louisiana
    Port of New Orleans
    f) Maryland
    Port of Baltimore
    g) Massachusetts
    Port of Boston
    h) New Jersey
    Port of Newark
    i) New York
    Port of New York
    j) Pennsylvania
    Port of Philadelphia
    k) South Carolina
    Port Charleston
    l) Texas
    Port of Galveston
    Port of Houston
    m) Virginia
    Port of Norfolk
    n) Washington
    Port of Seattle
  2. Aruba
    a) Port of Oranjestad
  3. Australia
    a) Port of Adelaide
    b) Port of Melbourne
    c) Port of Sydney
  4. Austria
    a) Port of Vienna
  5. Azerbaijan
    a)Port of Baku
  6. Barbados
    a) Port of Bridgetown
  7. Belgium
    a) Port Oostende
  8. Brazil
    a) Port of Santos, city of Sao Paulo
    b) Port of Rio de Janeiro
  9. Canada
    a) Port of Sydney
  10. Croatia
    a) Port of Dubrovnik
  11. Denmark
    a) Port of Copenhagen
  12. Germany
    a) Port of Bremerhaven
    b) Port of Kiel
    c) Port of Rostock
  13. Gibraltar
    a) Port of Gibraltar
  14. Italy
    a) Port of Venice
  15. Jamaica
    a) Port of Montego Bay
  16. Japan
    a) Port of Osaka
    b) Port of Shimonoseki
    c) Port of Yokohama
  17. Latvia
    a) Freeport of Riga
  18. Netherlands
    a) Port of Amsterdam
  19. New Zealand
    a) Ports of Auckland
  20. Norway
    a) Port of Oslo
  21. Panama
    a) Port of Cristobal
  22. Portugal
    a) Port of Lisbon
  23. Puerto Rico
    a) Port of San Juan
  24. Russia
    a) Port of Arkhangelsk
  25. Spain
    a) Port of Barcelona
    b) Port of Vigo
  26. United Arab Emirates
    a) Port Rashid
  27. United Kingdom
    a) Port of Liverpool
    b) Port of London
    c) Port of Southampton
    d) Port of Tyne

Sunday, December 16, 2012

I want to start my Vacation now !

Good Sunday Morning,
Its 8 AM where I am, and 5 AM EST. I was thinking about things that are important to people that travel and came up with these answers.
 The day before they start their vacation, they are doing last minute organizing and packing, making check list, and checking check lists. It is important that the Agent helping them with the travel and vacation arrangements is pleasant and can help with the check list.
The vacationer wants to make arrangements for their vacations and feel as if their vacation started with the phone call they made to our Agents. Also, to insure that every part of their vacation, from the time they leave their house to the time they reach their house again, is complete and pleasant.
After all, the "Vacationer", spent most of the year as, the "Worker" and needs to transform themselves into, the "Vacationer" as soon as possible.
So when you call one of our Agents, let me know, here, at this blog, if they did what you expected of them, to make you feel like your vacation started with that phone call.

At Your Service
Jay Taylor

Saturday, December 15, 2012

This is your cabin, isn't it

Ok, the Ship is leaving Grand Bahama Island today, and I noticed some of you were not on it. That's alright, you have another chance to leave tomorrow. Simply call Rachel at 954-969-0069, and tell her to start your mini getaway 2 night Bahamas cruise.
Are you deserving of a suite.
 I will see you at the Piano pub for coctails.

Friday, December 14, 2012

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Seasonal cruise ship repositioning helps you save big on cruising

When it comes to cruising, Repositioning, means the cruise ship will move from one seasonal area to another. In the past, long ago, the ships would do this empty. Move the ship and crew to a warmer location, and have no passengers. Then one of the cruise lines decided to charge a small fee to allow potential new cruiser's to test the waters, get their feet wet, dive right in, the cruise game. Slowly other cruise lines followed suit. now it is a THING. This gives the cruiser an opportunity to cruise for much less. Please keep in mind, they are not doing round trips, so you need to get back home by flying.

Our agent, Wally Siegel, has the inside scoop on repositioning cruises, so give him a call at
877-429-6714, or go to
All of our other agents are here to help you as well and will find out anything you need you can call them at
954-969-0069 or go to

Tuesday, December 11, 2012 - Part 1 - Florida Keys IslaMorada Fishing trip on the "D...

Fishing in Islamorada, Florida Keys is fun, relaxing, refreshing. See and like
all three of the Fishing videos. From Key West up to Fort Lauderdale has
Been great fishing for me and my family always, This time my cousin
Allen Taylor did not come. Allen, I hope you make the next one.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Stale economy equals more cruises

Good morning,
about 2 30 am EST 5 30 am, where I am
Any way, as I was reading articles on some cruises, I noticed most reporters think that the growing economy is responsible for the huge growth in cruises in 2012. I say it is the stale economy that is having a positive effect on the every growing cruise segment of our business. Thats right, in most cases, when one of our agents find good deals for our clients, it is actually cheaper than staying home for the week, (especially if you include the weekends).
Port Everglades reported record growth about 3.5 million passengers in 2012.
Only Port of Miami is larger than Port Everglades, so Port of Miami is the number one cruise port in the world and Port everglades is number two and closing.
I think if Port Everglades could get a good boost on the 1 day to the Bahamas cruise thingy going, that would make them number one in the world.
a) The new kid on the block as far as cruises go, and
b) Had a record 350, 000. passengers, (give or take some large European families), leave on the one and only cruise ship, the only regularly scheduled 2 night cruise, out of Palm Beach, (for now)

Just another Sunday morning.

Here it is, Sunday Morning, and I got up at 7 am to work on, the website.
I got a few things done, but of course, looking at some of those tropical pictures make me home sick for the beach. I will try to quench my thirst for the beach with a local area pool.
By The way, (or as my daughter would write, BTW), The hurricane season in the Atlantic is officialy over,
so , Cruise About the Atlantic Freely and often.
Go to for some cool cruise ideas or just call 954-969-0069, I think Rachel is working today.

See you soon
Jay T

Friday, December 7, 2012

My own 2 day cruise Getaway

Well, I have been working 20 hours a day on getting back on the Google search experience so you guys can find it and go on a mini vacation, aka, the getaway.

I have been away from my hometown for about three months now, when I get back, you know I am going to need my own 2 day cruise Getaway, and I will. I will let you know when I go, so you guys can go with me.

The cruise goes to Grand Bahama Island.

I can take and tour of about 20 people myself, with help, maybe 30. so if you want to help, let me know.
I always visit the local conch eatery, and eat the fresh, really fresh conch salad. I head over to the Market place at the Port Lucaya area. I visit the Grand, Our Lucaya Resort Property, its beautiful, and beach myself or use one of their pools.

Ok, I hope to see you when I get back to good old USA around the 3 day of 2013, and go on the cruise with you.