Tuesday, June 18, 2013

2 night cruise Fall season specials

Every Fall we drop our prices just for you.
This fall will cost you more money to stay at home watching your HDTV, then it will to take a two day cruises with us. we asked people from Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Palm Beach and even Orlando, how much they spend on a typical weekend. The answers we got were from couples and here are the figures;
Miami couple staying home and enjoying the weekend their way
Friday Diner Lowest couple came in at $38, highest couple came in at $87
Friday out on the town dancing from $24 to $108
Saturday That HDTV is on all day, (we did not ask this question because it cost so little to run, but enough of the couple mentioned it so it made it to this field report). Lunch out $16 to $42.
Most ate the leftover lunches for diner, those that did not spent $24 to $60.
“Tripping the light fantastic” Saturday night $24 to $140.

Fort Lauderdale couples spent the same amount on food and less on the night clubbing
The Fort lauderdale couples total stay home cost them 11% less that the Miami Couple.

Palm Beach couples spent more on food than Miami and about the same night time. about 7% less total.

Orlando couples beat everyone, (out of whack, because we added in the cost of the park tickets)
Their cost to stay home for the weekend, was a whopping 40% more than the Miami Couples.

So lets break it down to dollars and cents.
Miami Averages food Friday and Saturday combined:  $128
Miami Averages night out Friday and Saturday combined:  $148
Total spent staying home $276.

Fort Lauderdale Averages food Friday and Saturday combined:  $114
Fort Lauderdale Averages night out Friday and Saturday combined:  $131
Total spent staying home $245.

Palm Beach Averages food Friday and Saturday combined:  $119
Palm Beach Averages night out Friday and Saturday combined:  $137
Total spent staying home $256.

Total spent staying home $386.

OK, going on a cruise with us;
Price of the cruise $99 x 2 persons = $198
drinks about $74
Food $0000000000 (Wow, thats so many zeros)
cost of Fun $000000
Amount of Fun you will have, “Truck loads”
How many times your wife asked you to take out the trash, Zero, 0.
How many times your husband asked you for a beer from the fridge, 11% more then you asked him to take out the trash.

The ship will also do extra things in the Fall season that it does not do in the other seasons, like;
Officers dinners and cocktails on Mondays.
Honeymooners specials. So if you haven't taken your wife on her Honeymoon, now is your chance..
If your birthday is between, September and December, we have things going on all the time for you guys.
Seniors get to trip the light fantastic, with the DJ on the second night of the cruise.
The ship if full of fun and specials in the Spa, the bars,  the pool areas and all over the ship.
So, get off the couch and call us, toll free, 888-969-0069, so you can save some money and have some fun.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

It will cost you more to stay home, than to cruise with us

People take advantage of the Fall cruising season because of the
  a) Lower prices. (We try prices between $99 and $129 per person ofr the 2 nights)
  b) Fewer cruisers on board and
  c) Warm balmy tropical weather
probably in that order.

In the Caribbean, don't forget the Hurricane season. The season officially started on
June 1, 2013 and will end on November 30, 2013.
The cruise ships will change coarse and ports just to avoid the storms. If you are in the Bahamas during one of the storms
be prepared to stay the night or nights at your cost. The hotels rarely if ever lend a hand in these cases.

Why are there less cruisers, you ask. School aged children are back to school during this season, so the parents of these students are land locked.
Another reason is the Hurricane season. The fear of being caught in a storm is not the adventure some of them want, (I, on the other hand, do like the sense of adventure).

Some of our 2 night cruises can help with the, "Land locked family syndrome", because at certain times of the month, The ship sets sail on a Friday and gets home by Sunday.
This is perfect to be able to get your entire family back to school and work on Monday morning.

Also, the 2 night cruise lines may run specials for Senior citizens and Honeymooners, (those segments not effected by the, "Land locked family syndrome").
Our agents will keep watchful eyes out for thses special and let you know.

“It will cost you more to stay home, than to cruise with us.”
Shut your house down and leave the cooking up to the ships cooks and kitchens.
Call 954-969-0069 or 888-969-0069

“it will cost you more to stay home, than to cruise with us.” copyright 2009-2013