Thursday, February 27, 2014

A few Medical related things to know for travelers

Also, here are a few of the sites I’ve drawn from in my work so far - are any useful to you? If you like any and feel that your other visitors could benefit from them, they are yours to post:

Emergency Resources While Traveling Abroad

Search for Doctors by Language

John Hopkins Medicine - What To Do If You are Sick when Traveling,P01455/

CDC - Getting Health Care Abroad

Medicare for Travelers Outside the United States

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Chloe Pearson

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

2 night Bahamas cruise Freeport Grand Bahama Island

2 Day Cruise to Stay in Grand Bahama Island, Bahamas

Grand Bahama Island 1 day cruise

2 night Bahamas cruise toll free 888-969-0069

Leaves from Palm Beach

On the day you are going to take your 2 night Bahamas cruise to Grand Bahama Island, Bahamas, you and your family, can't help but feel excited about the adventure that awaits you in the tropics. Don’t forget the sunblock, snorkeling gear, and beach towels. The day on the island will be filled with sun, smooth white sand, and warm blue green crystal clear water and plenty of tropical island food.

2 night cruise fun starts early

Maybe you stayed at a hotel near the Port of Palm Beach, Maybe you stayed in nearby Fort Lauderdale beach or even Miami. Your trip to Port of Palm Beach will seem like the beginning of your vacation, as your mind wonders off to the excitement of the cruise ship and the island fun ahead. You can choose to start your vacation getaway on the cruise ship as early as 12 pm. At that time, you can get your first taste of food on the upper deck and the fun will continue
  • This 2 night Bahamas cruise is the only cruise ship that has a regularly scheduled 2 day cruise to the Bahamas.
  • It is the only cruise that has a option to stay in some of the resorts in Grand Bahama Island, Bahamas, with
    4 or 6 Night Cruise to Stay© Resort Packages.
  • Tropical Cruise Lines offers the only cruise ship that leaves from Port of Palm Beach, so our clients from Orlando have a quicker trip option for a cruise.

Here is a list of all the special things that will help you and yours, enjoy yourselves on this
2 night Bahamas cruise:

  • Seven restaurants with a variety of international tastes.
  • A full Las Vegas style casino with table games that are not available on the land casinos in Florida.
  • An outdoor pool to take advantage of the sun and fresh ocean air.
  • Live shows each of the two nights, each night a different show.
  • Keep your children entertained at kids clubs available for their proper age groups.
  • Fitness room, to shape up and a Spa to pamper and relax you.
  • Pool Bars with live tropical and popular music.
  • Nightclub, to dance and party till you're pooped.
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