Friday, December 21, 2012

Cruise Ports of the World

I will give you the choice of where to take your dream cruise from. I will list all the Cruise Ports of the World, then you decide where and when.
There are 27 countries boasting Cruise Ports. United States Has the most cruise ports with 22 of them all over the country.
Here we go.

  1. United States
    a) Alabama
    Port of Mobile
    b) California
    Port of Long beach
    Port of Los Angeles
    Port of San Diego
    Port of San Francisco
    c) Florida
    Port Canaveral
    Port of Jacksonville
    Port of Palm Beach
    Port of Miami
    Port Everglades
    Tampa Port Authority
    d) Hawaii
    Honolulu Harbor, Oahu
    e) Louisiana
    Port of New Orleans
    f) Maryland
    Port of Baltimore
    g) Massachusetts
    Port of Boston
    h) New Jersey
    Port of Newark
    i) New York
    Port of New York
    j) Pennsylvania
    Port of Philadelphia
    k) South Carolina
    Port Charleston
    l) Texas
    Port of Galveston
    Port of Houston
    m) Virginia
    Port of Norfolk
    n) Washington
    Port of Seattle
  2. Aruba
    a) Port of Oranjestad
  3. Australia
    a) Port of Adelaide
    b) Port of Melbourne
    c) Port of Sydney
  4. Austria
    a) Port of Vienna
  5. Azerbaijan
    a)Port of Baku
  6. Barbados
    a) Port of Bridgetown
  7. Belgium
    a) Port Oostende
  8. Brazil
    a) Port of Santos, city of Sao Paulo
    b) Port of Rio de Janeiro
  9. Canada
    a) Port of Sydney
  10. Croatia
    a) Port of Dubrovnik
  11. Denmark
    a) Port of Copenhagen
  12. Germany
    a) Port of Bremerhaven
    b) Port of Kiel
    c) Port of Rostock
  13. Gibraltar
    a) Port of Gibraltar
  14. Italy
    a) Port of Venice
  15. Jamaica
    a) Port of Montego Bay
  16. Japan
    a) Port of Osaka
    b) Port of Shimonoseki
    c) Port of Yokohama
  17. Latvia
    a) Freeport of Riga
  18. Netherlands
    a) Port of Amsterdam
  19. New Zealand
    a) Ports of Auckland
  20. Norway
    a) Port of Oslo
  21. Panama
    a) Port of Cristobal
  22. Portugal
    a) Port of Lisbon
  23. Puerto Rico
    a) Port of San Juan
  24. Russia
    a) Port of Arkhangelsk
  25. Spain
    a) Port of Barcelona
    b) Port of Vigo
  26. United Arab Emirates
    a) Port Rashid
  27. United Kingdom
    a) Port of Liverpool
    b) Port of London
    c) Port of Southampton
    d) Port of Tyne

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