Sunday, December 16, 2012

I want to start my Vacation now !

Good Sunday Morning,
Its 8 AM where I am, and 5 AM EST. I was thinking about things that are important to people that travel and came up with these answers.
 The day before they start their vacation, they are doing last minute organizing and packing, making check list, and checking check lists. It is important that the Agent helping them with the travel and vacation arrangements is pleasant and can help with the check list.
The vacationer wants to make arrangements for their vacations and feel as if their vacation started with the phone call they made to our Agents. Also, to insure that every part of their vacation, from the time they leave their house to the time they reach their house again, is complete and pleasant.
After all, the "Vacationer", spent most of the year as, the "Worker" and needs to transform themselves into, the "Vacationer" as soon as possible.
So when you call one of our Agents, let me know, here, at this blog, if they did what you expected of them, to make you feel like your vacation started with that phone call.

At Your Service
Jay Taylor

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